Forming machines have always been the core business of VIMCO.

VIMCO is specialized in designing and manufacturing Forming Machines for boxes and trays with special sizes and shapes and for the most varied applications.

Our forming machines are dedicated to the realization cardboard boxes and trays with a conicity of 90° and 45° or with double walls. Boxes and trays are formed from flat blanks by means of hot-melt glue, cold glue, or hooks.

The speed is electronically adjustable up to a maximum of 60 strokes per minute with a single forming head. Options with double forming head (120 boxes/minute) or triple forming head (180 boxes/minute) are also available, according to the required speeds and flat blanks features.

The format change is quick and easy. The format changeover is quick and easy.

The forming head can be fixed or adjustable. Automatic format changeover is also available as option.

Thanks to automatized and robotic product loading system, our forming machines can be integrated with closing machines and lidding machines to form complete packaging lines.